Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For a while there I didn't think G would sleep unless she was swaddled. She used it for nighttime sleeping and even naps during the day. She LOVED it.

At first we had this Swaddler, but I was never a fan. She could easily get out of it because it didn't get tight enough for her and they are very short(not good for my very tall girl.) Also, there aren't very many sizes. We had a choice, deal with the loose swaddler or scrunch up her legs. We choose loose swaddler... Which really means it is useless. She continued to work her way out of it (because it was so loose) and it was not doing its job!

I read some great reviews about The Woombie and I figured I would try it out. They are reasonably priced and, if your baby is anything like mine, it will help them sleep a lot better at night... And that is priceless!

She used a Woombie every time she went to sleep until she was almost 5 months old when she weaned herself of it. Like I said, there was a time there when I thought that we might have some problems... (Luckily, the woombie has a lot of sizes, so that wouldn't have been a problem for a while.)

The weaning process was so ridiculously simple. She was no longer soothed (instantly, might I add...) when she was put in it, and she fussed and tried to get out. She has picked up a new nighttime habit though- clinging to mommy. No one else is allowed to put her to bed. That's okay though because that is our cuddle time. :)

If your (younger) baby is having sleeping problems, I urge you to try swaddling. Like I said, I didn't like the swaddlemes, but a lot of people do. It really depends on the baby.

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