Monday, August 16, 2010

Pets and Baby

Tomorrow is a sad day in my house. We are saying goodbye to our beloved dog, Roxy. Luckily for us, we know she is going to the best home possible. I could not think of better "parents" for her. This has been quite the process, though. Did you know that you need a vet's certificate to send an animal by plane? And, on top of that, did you know that the vet's certificate cannot be any older than 10 days prior to the flight? I didn't...

We will start with WHY we are getting rid of her, though... Since that is the REAL reason for this post.

We got Roxy when we moved into our house. I was afraid of going through the upcoming deployment alone, so I begged and begged until my husband gave in. She was (and is) the sweetest little thing. The only problem is that Roxy is a Jack Russell and can be very hyper. (I say "can be" because she is one of the calmest, most loving Jack Russell's I have ever seen.) She is wonderful around the baby, and my daughter loves her, but Roxy gets in her moods and cannot control herself. We have had some close encounters. I know Roxy would never hurt my daughter... Not on purpose anyway.

Roxy is still very young- only one. She (being true to the terrier name) likes to push our buttons on a daily basis. She might as well be a baby, she needs so much supervision. My house is an absolute mad-house some days.

Example- Lets play one of those "make your own ending" games!
Setting: I let my dog out to go to the bathroom.
"Roxy come here!"
*Baby crying*
(Roxy runs off)
"ROXY come here!"
*Baby screaming*
Now, this is where you come in :)

Do you:
a. Pick up the baby to get her to stop crying
b. Run after dog

If you chose A-
The dog sees that you are holding the baby. She knows you will not put the baby in danger and therefore, runs down the street. She will only come back when you put the baby down and run after her.
If you chose B-
You chose "correctly" in Roxy's eyes. Leave the baby to scream while you chase her. She comes back in.

Neither is a very good option in my opinion. Either way, I have to leave my daughter (who is obviously upset) because my dog wants attention. I thought maybe the jealousy would pass as Roxy got used to my daughter, but it has really only gotten worse. I didn't give birth to twins, but with Roxy here, it feels like it!

I feel bad. I love her, but when it comes down to it, I can't do it. Other people may be able to, but I am not other people. Ultimately, what you can handle is up to your family. Don't listen to anyone else.

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