Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Having a Baby in the Military

My husband is a soldier. Every other year, my daughter will have to say goodbye to her daddy, and I to my husband for a year at a time.

My husband will be deploying around my daughter's first birthday. It hurts me that he will have to miss so much. I have no idea how he will take it. I will be okay, but I worry about them. All I can do is be strong for them. Is that nearly enough?

This really isn't just my husband's career. It is my family's life.

There are pros and cons to the Military, just like any career choice. We have some of the best health benefits I have ever seen and at 21, the Army has given me more than I could've ever hoped. The only con, really, is the fact that he leaves... But that's a pretty big one if you ask me. Communication has gotten better, though thankfully.

The truth is, I knew what I was getting into when I married my husband. MOST military spouses do. It isn't the super romantic relationship they show on tv and movies.

Some people go so far as to say that they are "single parents" when their spouse is deployed. I disagree (and feel like those people are exaggerating just a bit...) It is disrespectful. Just because your spouse is not home with you, does not mean they don't want to be.

I know this post is all over the place. Sorry. I will probably post more like this as the time gets closer. My thoughts are so jumbled about this whole thing. Thanks for listening!

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