Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sophie is a Success!

I was a little weary about Sophie the Giraffe. I have heard mixed reviews about it online and it is quite expensive for a teether. I put it off thinking that if I ever saw it at Babies R Us I would have to get it... What could it hurt? Other than being out $20, of course. :P

Sophie is made in France. She was first created in 1961 by a man who had created a rubber toy molding system. He wanted to make a toy that was the perfect size and shape for a baby. Sophie is still made the same way today. She is also made from 100% natural rubber!

I started looking at Sophie because my daughter doesn't like normal teething toys. The only thing that has worked for any kind of teething relief is the teething tablets. (LOVE them!) I became interested when I heard how popular she has become. My biggest problem with trying this toy was the cost and the fact that they are hard to find! You can order them online, but I HATE waiting!

100% natural rubber
Easy for babies to hold and chew
Made with food paint

Hard to find in-store
Resembles a dog toy

For me, the pros outweigh the cons on this one. I don't really think it looks like a dog toy, but it is a common complaint I have heard. Also, as soon as my husband heard it squeak he said "it's a dog toy!" LOL! We are definitely willing to pay for something that my daughter will use and enjoy, so the cost is a non-issue for us. Like I said, I hate to order things because I am impatient. If you can wait, order it online. It's cheaper to do it that way anyway.

But, please keep in mind that just because MY daughter likes it, doesn't necessarily mean your child will. Remember, all children are different. :) If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask!

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