Friday, August 13, 2010

My "Plans"

When I was pregnant, my daughter consumed my life. I researched everything. I knew what stuff I wanted in her nursery; I knew how I wanted to give birth; I knew how I wanted to feed her and worst of all- I looked down on people who didn't feel the same.

I just KNEW I would be the perfect mom. Never would that processed crap (aka: formula) touch my daughter's lips. I hired a doula (birth coach) to help me give birth naturally. I had a plan!

HA! I have honestly never heard anything so comical.....

At seven months pregnant my blood pressure started going up. Nothing that was a huge problem, but the doctor wanted to watch it. The doctors kept mentioned inducing labor at around 39 weeks to make sure nothing went wrong. I kept my doula up to date, just in case I would actually need drugs.

My blood pressure continued to climb, slowly and my poor body was so swollen. My toes looked like fat little sausages! The doctors started to get concerned and ordered bi-weekly NSTs (tests that determine how the baby is doing.) At 37 weeks my blood pressure was higher than it had ever been and nothing they did could bring it down. They decided that they would induce me that day. I was induced and my daughter was fine... But I wasn't.I was in the ICU for a week after my daughter was born. I had two seizures because my blood pressure could not get under control.

After that, I couldn't breastfeed. Hell, I couldn't even comprehend what was happening. I had to have 24 hour supervision for two months! I could not care for myself, let alone a newborn child. Alas, I had to feed my daughter that "processed crap" and I had a very medicated birth.

That just goes to show, you really can't make plans. Especially with kids. Moms and mommas-to-be, take it from me! Don't stress about the little details. Make a plan, but be flexible too.

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