Diaper Reviews

Kawaii Pocket Diapers

When I decided to try out cloth diapering, I jumped right into it... Headfirst. I did a lot of research. I kept coming back to these. They were an easy system and most importantly of all, they are cheap.

I bought 10 diapers to start with. (From http://www.theluvyourbaby.com/) They cost me $70.42 total, even with two "special" prints. They give free shipping if you spend over $70, which is definitely a plus, because shipping isn't cheap. The website is out of Canada, but they are very quick to respond when you have questions and they process orders quickly. I got my diapers exactly when they said they would be here.

My Initial Impression-
Very good. The inside of the diapers are very soft and the inserts are fluffy and absorbent. The snaps were not at all confusing, like I originally thought they would be.

After First Use (and overnight!)
I couldn't believe how much moisture the diaper could hold. No actual moisture was touching my daughter's skin, it was all in the liner.

We doubled up her inserts her first overnight use and she didn't leak. The second insert was definitely a "must" though, because the diaper was very full.

Any Cons?

My daughter has very chunky thighs and I couldn't get the diapers to fit correctly. Honestly though, this would probably be a problem on any pocket diaper that didn't allow for leg adjustment. I was never able to get a good fit on her without cutting into her thighs. They started to leave deep red marks, so we sold them.

Overall Impression

Great. You can't beat the low price and they certainly did what they were supposed to. It would've been perfect if we could've adjusted the legs, but at $7 a diaper that was stretching it ;). I think these would be perfect pockets for most.

Great Price
Good diaper
Easy to use
Good customer service (if ordering from her website, I cannot speak for any other Kawaii dealers)

Didn't fit my chunky-thighed daughter correctly
Had to eventually get rid of them because of this..

Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers

My first Thirsties cover that I ever owned was one I received in a trade. I loved it so much that I bought two more. It is extremely thin, but still extremely waterproof. There are two "sizes" but they are generous (Size 1: 6-18 lbs and Size 2: 18-40 lbs). My daughter is in a size two. They are "adjustable" as they come with snap rises.

Initial Impression
Honestly, I was afraid that it would hold up, because the cover is very thin. However, it surprised me.

After First Use (and overnight!)
After the first use, I started to realize I may need to get more... They are very good about not having to be changed constantly. Unless the cover gets poop on it, I don't bother getting a new one right away.

It worked well as a night cover the first time we used it. I was originally afraid of the prefolds holding up, but that is a different post :P. But, there weren't any leaks and that was definitely a good thing!

Any Cons?

Not too many, really. The covers that we have are aplix, but they are also available in snaps now. The aplix is very "sticky" and the wash tabs (unlike some other brands) actually work very well.

Sometimes, I do feel like I am going to tear the cover if I pull too hard to unsnap the rises. However, this feeling may just be me being weird. I have never torn any of my covers. From what I can tell, they are great and we love them.

Overall Impression

I really love them. They are ONLY covers, nothing else... but we only use prefolds and covers for now. They are my favorite covers we own.

Great price
Very waterproof
Adjustable sizes

The prints are not that cute. They do have one that I love called "blackbird" but my husband felt it was too boyish for our little girl.
Material is thin.