Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Screw you, teething!

Ugh, my poor baby. She has been teething for the past (almost) 3 months! I think and hope that the two teeth that have been trying to break through are finally at the surface. She is an absolute bear today.

Currently, she is taking a nap in her crib... But it wasn't easy to get her there. She was obviously tired, but in pain (poor thing!) She was screaming and pulling on her ear, so I finally broke down and gave her some Tylenol. I guess it helped because she is sleeping soundly... For the time being, anyway.

Teething has been a slooowwww process for us! I will be relieved when these ones pop. Like I told a friend yesterday- it isn't that I want her to have teeth, it's that I want the pain to stop.

The scary thing is after these ones break through, this will start all over again. Hopefully it wont take as long though. I hate to see her hurting. :(

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