Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovin' the Cloth!

I have ordered and received my KaWaii diapers. They are the one-size pockets with snaps. I LOVE THEM!!! I got them on Tuesday, but I didn't get to use them until yesterday. (Will explain later.) Yesterday I was a bit awkward with them... Which I suppose is to be expected, since before yesterday, I had never even handled a cloth diaper.

My daughter has chunky legs and a very skinny waist. Getting a "good fit" with the snaps was a bit difficult in the beginning. At first I was afraid of snapping the waist too tight, but what that really meant was it was too loose, and it leaked. I started to get nervous. I wondered "is this really what cloth diapers are like!?" I was completely turned off.

Luckily, after my husband got home, he was able to distract the baby while I played with the snaps. We were able to get a good fit with no leaks! I wasn't feeling confident enough to let her wear one overnight, though.

Now, for an update on myself-
I went to the ER on Monday night. Apparently, I had a gotten a UTI a week or two before and THOUGHT it was from my interstitial cystitis. Good news? I have not "relapsed." (I hate that term!) The bad news is I have a horrible kidney infection.

I went to the ER because I couldn't keep anything down. I was getting sick every 10-20 mins. I really didn't want to go if I didn't have to, but I knew I had reached my breaking point.

They wanted to keep me overnight, but I really just wanted to get home. Honestly, I probably would've felt a lot better (physically) if I had stayed, but god knows I hate nothing more than the hospital.

Now, for the fun stuff-
Tomorrow, the Army is putting on a marriage retreat. My husband and I have been to one before... The one before was a more exciting destination, Gatlinburg. (We are going to Franklin, in the Nashville area, this time.) But more "exciting" typically means "more expensive" in my house. Lol! The nice thing is they will be covering our hotel room and meals.

G is allowed to go with us, which is nice. They will even have free child care, if we want it. I am not so sure about that though, because other than family, she has never had a babysitter. I don't know how many kids will be in childcare either, which is important. She is only 8 months old. She can get into a lot of trouble, haha. She is attempting to crawl, so eyes have to be on her constantly. If not, she might do something bad, or another child might hurt her. (Unintentionally or intentionally.)

I know I sound like an overbearing mommabear, but I really don't feel comfortable with the idea of any baby crawling around without direct supervision. Who knows??? I will be sure to give an update (and maybe post pics!) when I get back.

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