Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad CYS Experience

So, last night I sold the rest of my diapers... It honestly turned me off to ever selling anything on campbellyardsales or craigslist ever again. I was selling my Kawaii diapers for $5 each. The diapers had no staining, were all in excellent condition and came with 2 inserts each. $5 is a damn good price for those diapers.

The woman IM's me via CYS chat and asks if I can meet her later. I say yes. She asks where I live and I tell her what area... She THEN asks if I am willing to meet her at Walmart (that is 30 mins away) I say fine. She tells me she is going between 7-8, and again, I agree to that time.... I hear nothing from her until 7:15, when she emails me telling me she is leaving for Walmart soon. So, I leave to go there. (Even though at this point I want to relax... I just laid the baby down for bed and my husband had recently gotten home from work) I get there at 8.

8:15 rolls around and no call, no text... Nothing. I call my husband, furious asking what to do. I wanted to go home. My life does not revolve around others, and let me tell you, $15 is not worth this crap. He gives me her number and tells me to give her a chance... So, I text her and tell her where I am parked (it is now 8:25) she texts back and lets me know "she will be there in a sec." So, instead of leaving I wait, because a sec isn't very long, right??? No... Her "sec" turned out to be me waiting around till 8:40... The same minute I was very seriously going to drive away. She gave no explanation except that it had been a crazy night.

Look lady, I don't care whether or NOT you had a crazy night. Including driving time, I spent almost two hours waiting on you. $15 is crap money as far as that is concerned. You can't even tell me you are sorry? I wanted to be home with my family, but instead, I was sitting in a parking lot for 40 mins (not to mention that Walmart is 30 mins AWAY from my family... So I didn't get home till after 9!)

Writing this out is just upsetting me more. I felt like she was extremely selfish and rude. I should've driven off at 8:30 like I planned. All I wanted was some sort of time line. Instead of telling me "I'll be there in a sec" I wish she would've said "I am checking out, I will be there as soon as I am done." A sec tells me that you will be right here... Which is the only reason why I didn't leave right then and there.

Well, I can only say it was a learning experience. If I am going to meet someone somewhere, they can do it on MY time. No more driving way out of the way and waiting around for that long. I have more important things to do. That crap isn't worth $15, I promise.

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